Höchenschwand - Germany's highest climatic spa

Discover the Southern Black Forest, the scenic hiking trails and winding paths and in the truest sense of the word, taste the excellent air.

Blick über Höchenschwand Blick über Höchenschwand

Heavenly good pleasure promises the combination of wellness and exercise that can be enjoyed in Germany's highest climatic spa. Not only because of its location, on a sunny and mild southern plateau, is Höchenschwand referred to as the "village in the sky."Truly heavenly is the sight on the Alps, greeting from the neighboring country when the weather permits.

Höchenschwand: heavenly hiking

The natural diversity extends from gently curved meadows and shady forests on broad plateaus to deep valleys. Around the Höchenschwand Mountain you will find a unique hiking area with over 150 km of marked hiking trails and 30 km of groomed winter hiking trails. The exposed, sunny position offers a variety of hiking trails with stunning views and natural wonders, such as bogs and lakes. A treat not only for the eyes. With every breath clear, pure and healthy air fills the lungs - not for nothing Höchenschwand has the predicate "health resort". Escape from everyday life, take a few days and enjoy in harmony with nature the Black Forest. Feel the soft forest floor under your feet, and taste the soothing scent of pine trees in the air - so each tour is a sense experience.