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Ibach - little pearl in the Upper Hotzenwald

The Feldberg glacier has formed the idyllic Ibacher high valley in the last ice age.

Characteristic features are the wide open landscape, the fantastic panoramic view, fresh air and the relaxing tranquility.

Ibach, with 430 inhabitants, the smallest independent municipality in the district of Waldshut has retained its village charm. Still you can find there the typical old Black Forest farmhouses with deeply drawn-down hipped roofs defying the seasons. They are meticulously and lovingly restored to offer the relaxation-seeking guests a cozy holiday home that liked to be visited again and again.

Previously they lived in pasture farming and forestry, charcoal burning, brush and clapboard production and straw-plaiting. Today, the small Museum of brush factory and forest management, which has found a home in the former town hall “Rathäusle” reminds of this past. Ibach is an insider tip in the Hotzenwald for a quiet vacation surrounded by unspoiled nature with an impressive offer of hiking and winter activities.