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Tourist-Information Office Dachsberg & Ibach
Rathausstraße 1 * 79875 Dachsberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 7672 / 99 05 11
Fax: +49 (0) 7672 / 99 05 33
Email: tourist-info@dachsberg.de
Opening times :
Tue - Fry: 9 - 12.30 am * Mon + Wen: 2 - 6 pm

Dachsberg - where nature lives

Dachsberg means discover and experience nature

Dachsberg-Wittenschwand, Blick vom Kreuzfelsen Dachsberg-Wittenschwand, Blick vom Kreuzfelsen

Dachsberg offers recovery and silence, pure fragrant air, a hiking paradise and winter fun, vacation alone, as a couple, with family or with close friends, Farm holidays, rural tradition and traditional festivals.

Dachsberg, a predicated resort, is located on a gently rolling, south to the Rhine valley sloping plateau with an overwhelming panoramic view to the foothills of the Alps and the Swiss Alps.

Dachsberg and its natural and cultural landscape are part of the national park.Naturpark Südschwarzwald, which has set itself the goal to preserve and promote the wide open plateaus, alternating with coniferous and mixed forests that make up the special charm of this region.

Dachsberg is perfect for guests who want to escape from the holiday stress, know how to appreciate the silence and love the nature. Pure Black Forest - in Dachsberg this dream comes true.

Dachsberg is the conglomerated name of the four main districts Urberg and Wittenschwand in the north and Wolpadingen and Wilfingen in the south, there is no actual village called Dachsberg.

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