Weilheim with the Rose Village Nöggenschwiel

The Rose Village Nöggenschwiel is the only one of its kind in the Black Forest and the highest in Germany.

Blick auf den Ortsteil Weilheim Blick auf den Ortsteil Weilheim

Nöggenschwiel is one of the 16 districts of Weilheim. In the village you can find 20.000 rose bushes within 200 different varieties, presenting you an exceptional experience of fragrance and color.

The 32 km long hiking trail  Rosenwanderweg connects all parts of Weilheim. This trail Rose can be experienced in different long trips. Shorter and longer parts of the trail open a varied delight of the roses. At different Rose stations along the route you can find interesting and valuable information on types of roses and the history of the districts.

On a clear day the region also offers you superb views of the Alpine foothills and the snowcapped peaks of the Alps.

We offer guided group tours for 5 people or more. A rose guide will lead you through the Rose village Nöggenschwiel, giving participants a chance to explore and ask questions about the Rose Village Nöggenschwiel and its roses.