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Holiday fun with water

Here you will find tips for your holiday fun on and in the water in the Southern Black Forest.

Whether an outdoor pool in Höchenschwand-Häusern, a family adventure day in "Schwarzenbächletal" or a boat trip in one of our partner places on the Rhine - water and holiday belong together, also in the Black Forest.

Treat your water fun!

Waldfreibad Höchenschwand - Häusern

Mermaids and water lovers enjoy water fun in any weather during the summer season in the forest pool Hochenschwand - Häusern.

Haselbach waterfalll, Weilheim-Rohr

The small Haselbach waterfall is located between Rohr and Aispel


The Krai-Woog-Gumpen, a waterfall and pool in the valley of the creek “Schwarzenbächle”, is said to be a glacier mill from the Ice Age.

Kneipp treading pool in Höchenschwand

Refreshing and soothing: A footbath according to the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp.

Kneipp-Tretbecken, Weilheim-Nöggenschwiel

It's wonderfully refreshing - whenever you strut through the fresh cold spring water!

Klosterweiher near Dachsberg

The Klosterweiher, a small lake developed in the 18th century as a fishing pond for the former St. Blaise’s Abbey which today is part of the Restaurant “Klosterweiherhof”.

Leisure area „Burger Säge“ with fireplace in the Ibach Valley

Enjoy this place near the sawmill of the village of Burg in the Ibach Valley with a nature swimming spot and fireplace. A car park for hikers is available.

Hierholz Weiher in Dachsberg

Small dammed pond in the village of Hierholz

Fun with water in "FerienWELT Südschwarzwald"

Water experiences and adventures in the member locations of "FerienWelt Südschwarzwald".